Trail update: 3/18/2019. We are switching to primarily night grooming starting this week since daytime temps are on the rise. The good news is our system has plenty of snow and we sent out three groomers Sunday and plan on sending out two groomers per night this week. Everything should be groomed at least once and high use trails will be groomed several times during the week. We plan on grooming this week and next but after next week will depend on temperatures. Keep in mind we are getting into spring conditions, so be careful on the trails, and watch for opening water bars as temps increase. We hope everyone had a great season riding this year, trail conditions were excellent most of the season.

Trail Name
Trail #
Mountain Pond Road 18 Good 3/17/2019
Buffalo Trail 18 Good 3/17/2019
Corser Brook 18 Good 3/17/2019
Rock Pond Road 19 Excellent 3/17/2019
Millsfield Pond Road 19 Excellent 3/17/2019
13 Mile Woods Trail 19 Good 3/17/2019
Charlie's Trail 115 Good 3/17/2019
Flume Brook 113 Good 3/17/2019
South Valley Trail 113 Excellent 3/17/2019
Chilly Brook 110 Good 3/17/2019
New Trail (Log Haven Rd) 110 Good 3/17/2019
Dixville Peaks 110 Good 3/17/2019
Signal Mountain Road 119 Excellent 3/17/2019
Deer Mountain Road 119 Good 3/17/2019
Greenough Pond Road 129 Closed for logging all season CLOSED
Four Mile Brook 112 Excellent 3/17/2019
Newell Brook Road   Excellent 3/17/2019
I-90   Excellent 3/17/2019
Maple Ave   Excellent 3/17/2019
Dupuis Trail   Good 3/17/2019
Long Pond Trail   Good 3/17/2019
Skyway Trail   Good 3/17/2019
Old Greenough Pond Rd   Good 3/17/2019
Black Mountain   Closed for logging all season CLOSED