Updated Friday, March 31 Final Trail Report. We groomed every trail this week and we will groom Friday night and possibly Saturday night if the temps are cold enough. Everything is pretty flat but watch out for waterbars popping up on trails. This will be the last weekend we will groom, next week forecast shows warms temps and that will be a problem. We should have a few inches of snow Friday and Saturday, which is pretty good for end of March weather. Ride safe!

Trail Name
Trail #
Mountain Pond Rd 18 Fair 3/30
Buffalo Trail 18 Good 3/30
Corser Brook 18 Good 3/30
Rock Pond Rd 19 Good 3/30
Millsfield Pond Rd 19 Good 3/30
13-mile Woods Trail 19 Fair 3/30
Charlie's Trail 115 Good 3/30
Flume Brook 113 Good 3/30
Sunny Valley Trail 113 Good 3/30
Chilly Brook 110 Good 3/30
New Trail (Log Haven) 110 Good 3/30
Dixville Peaks 110 Fair 3/29
Signal Mountain Rd 110 Closed for logging  
Deer Mountain Rd 119 Fair, bare on steep hills 3/23
Greenough Pond Rd 129 Good 3/30
Four Mile Brook 112 Good 3/30
Newell Brook Rd   Good 3/30
I-90   Good, 3/30
Maple Ave   Good 3/29
Dupius Trail   Good 3/30
Long Pond Trail   Good 3/30
Skyway Trail   Good 3/29
Old Greenough Pond Rd   Good 3/30
Black Mountain   Good 3/30